Exercises to Bulk Up

What types of exercises do you need to do in order to bulk up? In the gym, you always see these super skinny guys doing hundreds of bicep curl exercises, but even after a year of going to the gym, they seem to have gained no muscle. The problem is that they are doing the wrong types of exercises for what they want to achieve. If you are skinny and a beginner at weightlifting, then you should forget about isolation exercises and instead do compound exercises. Even if you are experienced in the gym, if your goal is to bulk up, then compound exercises should be the primary type of exercises that you are doing as well.

The best compound exercises to do are bench press, squats, and deadlifts. These three are usually considered the three key exercises to do. I would also add lateral pulldowns and pullups as exercises that should be done if you want to bulk up. Proper form is key when doing these. So that is why I would at the beginning advise beginners not to do deadlifts and instead incorporate them gradually into their routine, as they gain more experience. I would instead start off with good mornings. The reason why I would advise beginners to stay away from deadlifts at the beginning is because they are heavily dependent on proper form and could be dangerous for you if you do them improperly. However once a beginner had developed some good gym habits, then they should start doing deadlifts as well. If you do these exercises regularly and combine them with a proper meal plan, then you should see significant gains in no time.

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